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  • Product: HJD-B1 Screen Printing Table(Flat)
  • NO.: HJD-B1

Work and Function Parameters

Items Screen Printing Table(Flat) Screen Printing Table(Sloping) Screen Printing Table(sloping) Screen Printing Table(Bale-cloth)
Model HJD-B101 HJD-B102 HJD-B2 HJD-B3 HJD-B4
Glass Width(mm) 1200 1500 900 40*60 2000
Glass Type 8mm tempered glass 8mm tempered glass 8mm tempered glass 8mm tempered glass 10mm tempered glass
Printing Level Height(mm) 780 780 780 780 750
Length(mm) 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000



1. Adopt high quality materials, designed and made by professional personnel;
2. There are currently four series:flat,sloping,ready-made clothes and bale-cloth;
3. The table-board is tempered glass,the seams of glass can leveling and can be printed also, so save effectively the resources of table-board;
亚洲AV综合AV国产aV|亚洲熟妇Av综合网 4. The Imported conductive sliding rail, galvanized positioning groove and nylon clamp to ensure the printing quality.


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