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  • Product: HJD-A2 Flat Automatic Screen Printing Machine
  • NO.: HJD-A2.
  • Date: 2013-11-20
  • Views : 1122



1.Adopt mechanical power-driven,Completely renounced the pneumatic;
2.The screen frame of this machine and the screen frame of manual for screen printing can be genaral, Also whether big or   small screen frame can be used, So that to avoid all sorts of waste;
3. The positioning structure of this machine and the positioning structure of manual printing for screen printing can be genaral, Thus solve the following three problems;
(1). If need to supplement the cutting piece of garment,can take down the screen version frame directly from automatic screen printer,don’t need to change it, can manually printing directly on the printing table;
(2). Manual and mechanical shared a sets of screen version frame is realized, Avoid the waste of time and money which that repeat plate making on the same patterns;
(3). For example, the automatic screen printer printing 5 colors design , A sudden power outage when it finished 3 colors , But you are in a hurry to delivery,so you can take down the screen version frame from the printer, then finally finished the rest two color printing by hand.                                                  
4. The overprint of this machine is very accurate, Positioning on exposure machine and put it on the printing machine printing directly ,don’t need to change screen version frame;
5. The machine loading and unloading screen version frame quickly,suitable for quantity less、high precision and more designs printing production;
6. Two screen printing tables can be recycled printing, from the first screen pringting table automatic switch to the second.




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