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  • Product: HJD-A1 Full Automatic Oval Screen Priner
  • NO.: H001
  • Date: 2018-03-31
  • Views : 210



1. Precision Position

The inaccuracy of the machine is 0.02 due to advanced technology,which effectively improve the quality of the products as well as the printing pattern.


2.Multiple Working Station

Using the process of print head,oven and cooling,can produce various sizing agent, especially suitable for mucilage,ink,thick edition,printing,foaming,water etc.


3. High Production

One machine could print more than one color of sizing agents,and also use as multiple production lines.only need 3 people to operate it,strengthening production efficiency, fast investment return.


4. Convenient Operation

An unique style of fasten for screen frame,unique screen frame location,which do not need to take out the screen when cleaning it.easy to change screen frame.ensure the stability of precision. The cooling station effectively reduce the situation which screen is blocked by water base.


5. Universal Machine

The machine is suitable for various screens which are use for automatic printing and manual printing,and not limited to the printing of big size pieces and clothes.


6. Drive without Chain

The pallets are transfer by special method which use the structure of drive without chain,increase stability of the machine and prolong the service life of it.


7. Environmental Protection and Low Energy Consumption

The air consumption of this machine is equal to 50 percent of other machine,the removable oven is low energy consumption,and suitable for printing various size of pattern.



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