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  • Product: Digital Textile Belt Printer
  • NO.: HJD-DP04
  • Date: 2018-11-27
  • Views : 336

Character :

1: Double Epson 5113 print head

Top speed can reach 50 square meters per hour, Suitable for a variety small batch production.

Machine width: 1850mm/2650mm/3450mm

Professional belt system is equipped with automatic conduction belt  cleaning,

Drying and automatic correction system, to ensure continuous printing process, the conduction surface clean and printing accuracy.

2: Support a variety of ink technology, Suitable for a variety of fabrics

1, Reactive ink, suitable for printing: cotton, linen, hemp,silk, wool fabrics.

2, Disperse ink, suitable for printing: chemical fiber fabrics such as polyester.

3, Pigment ink , most of the fabrics are available

Precoating, fabric feeding ,digital

Printing ,drying, fabric taking-up, it is a automatically

Production line, less land occupation, fast

Deliver, cost-dffective, suitable for small and medium sized factories.



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