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Join conditions
Business philosophy and ability:
* With modern management, operational capacity and sustainable development capacity;
* Has a strong entrepreneurial spirit; a silk screen industry experience is preferred;
* Have a certain cultural foundation and be able to carry out computer management;
* Familiar with the city joined the market;
Office equipment: a computer and the Internet, fixed and fax, after-sales service communications equipment
Join advantage
I can not only join the Secretary to give priority to our purchase of cheap goods, quality and stability of the screen printing machine, but also to ensure supply, to avoid the shortage of supply arising from a series of problems; and reduce the vicious competition in the industry to ensure a good market environment.
Support returns
Hao Da has a professional after-sales team, superb technology, perfect management, in return for the support of allies, I will from the Secretary for technology, management and other aspects of the agents face first-class after-sales training guide, to provide intimate services to help customers You train to create first-class after-sales service team.
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Add:East Grain Station ,Liujia
Street ,Longquan Town ,Jimo City,
Shandong ,China
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